My issue is the next:

I personally use 000webhost's free hosting service. I've got a dynamic CSS stylesheet by which makes it PHP and which makes it choose from among a couple of (presently three) stylesheets and taking advantage of that. It really works perfectly fine on my small Apache server but this is not on my 000Webhost site.

It does not run whatsoever, however the cookie Is set.

Here's some code in the three PHP pages:

  1. Mainpage.php:


<?php include("../public_html/Include/Mind.php")



<?php include("../public_html/top.php") ?>

  1. Mind.php
<?php $Send = $_COOKIE["Theme2"] ?>

<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css"

href="../public_html/stylesheet.php?beef=" />

  1. Stylesheet.php (I have place the following: CSSHERE wherever I've eliminate CSS code, otherwise it might give people a difficult time scrolling lower!)
<?php header("Content-type: text/css") ?>


if ($_GET["beef"]==1)

elseif ($_GET["beef"]==2) 

elseif ($_GET["beef"]==3)  ?>

The road to the php file needs to be around through the browser.

i.e. if your site is

The stylesheet should connect to

Use Chrome developer tools, Safari developer tools, Opera - firebug

And appearance the assets/network tabs, and you ought to view it attempting to load your script although not discovering it. (My prediction anyway, as generally public_html isn't area of the URL.)