I am seeing a strange behavior hooking up to some development webserver running on my small local machine.

After I connect with (my ip) everything loads fast (sub 200ms for any page + 20 assets, an expected result).

After I connect with http://localhost I recieve 5 second load occasions for the similar page and things i see after i profile the page using Chrome is:

  • first page, ~1 sec connection time (differs from .98 to at least one.02), then loads fast
  • The following 3 assets possess a ~1 sec connection time then load fast.
  • The following 6 then wait ~1 sec connection time (following the last group loaded) then load fast.
  • This pattern repeats its self in batches of 6 assets until things are loaded.

Any applying for grants this? Where is the 1 sec connection time delay be originating from?

I am referencing "Connection Time" in the resource profile graph provided within the Google Chrome Developer Tools. For instance, one resource shows:

Proxy:      0ms

DNS Research: 1ms

Hooking up: 1.00s

Delivering:    0ms

Waiting:    3ms

Receiving:  2ms

What goes on whenever you try 127...1 directly? I imaging it could be the truth that something still needs to translate localhost into 127...1 whether it's a DNS server or perhaps your /etc/hosts file or even the yellow-pages service.

If 127...1 is fast, I'd say it is a translation delay by which situation the next thing is to determine what's doing the translation.

Whether it's slow, I'd be searching in the appserver or webserver logs. Apache, in the event that's what you are using, is among the only two infinitely-configurable programs ever built, another being Emacs, obviously :-)

I'd an identical problem lately.

The issue was which i had set up a proxy server in Windows' proxy configurations and each request experienced the proxy despite the fact that I'd clearly enabled the choice "Bypass proxy server for local addresses". Apparently this setting wasn't working or did not do things i expected.

And So I went ahead and set up the best for localhost within the advanced proxy configurations. Now from my development server loads pretty fast.

The only real solution I discovered was adding a number file entry and referencing the neighborhood website with the host file entry. For many inexplicable reason, this made the page instantly.