What's the average limits of shared webhosting. If your website with very little photos and just writing has a lot more than 10.000 site visitors each day, will it survive on the shared server? Or can you suggest obtaining a devoted server? What exactly is it will get like 100.000 clicks each day?

Even when individuals 10,000 site visitors all arrived three hrs (and traffic is apt to be uneven) it might still simply be about one hit per second.

It isn't obvious that which you mean by "only writing" - whether it's static content, then that's absolutely no problem, and 100,000 ought to be fine too. Whether it's "only writing" that's being produced dynamically through replicating Shakespeare having a million virtual apes, this is a different matter.

You have to take a look at how would be the clicks distributed on the day. For those who have 100,000 clicks daily that could translate to simply a couple of hits per second.

However if you're expecting much of your customers to visit within their lunch hour, possibly you have to aid 100 hits per second.

After you have labored that out, you have to distinguish static content from dynamic content. Static could be offered up very inexpensively