I've got a website that has 2 pages , (home_page.php and action_page.php)Action page takes aprx. 2 minutes to totally load (server side takes 2 minutes) . But when user clicks by page link while action page is loading , browser does not go near webpage , until action page is totally loaded . To begin with what's the reason of the ? (bowser ? php ? apache ?) and just how can one avoid this ?


Most likely, it is because a session is locked. PHP is only going to allow one request per session to avoid issues approaching (overwriting data, etc). See: session_write_close()...

Do you use it whenever you open a brand new tab rather than attempting to remplace the present?

When the page takes 2 minutes to load, then you're reaching the network timeout limits of the browser. That's a very very long time for any page to load. You might want to consider breeding another process to complete handle the lengthy processing. Place the the create a database, file, etc and employ polling to see if it's done.

When breeding a procedure (professional()), make certain you utilize nohup, background it (&lifier) and direct error output to /dev/null, otherwise it will not disconnect on the internet process, and also the web process will wait for this to complete.