I am focusing on a webpage for any customer to upload/download files via FTP. While using Inline Upload wordpress plugin helps make the uploading easy. I am then while using Wordpress-Filebase wordpress plugin to exhibit all of the the submitted files, that are easily downloaded having a click. The 2 plug ins interact nicely.

My dilemma: I'd like the file listing to update when a new file is submitted With no user needing to login towards the wordpress-admin. The Wordpress-Filebase wordpress plugin provides a method to sync the database using the file listing, however it takes a login to do this.

Ultimately, I am looking for a method to update the database to mirror the additional files instantly. This is a screenshot of the items I have got. Files could be submitted normally (this is the Inline Upload wordpress plugin), however the listing below (this is the Wordpress-Filebase wordpress plugin) isn't up-to-date (unless of course I login to wordpress increase it within the wordpress plugin configurations).

enter image description here