After i attempt to debug using Firebug , i saw this 414 error.

In IE 6 am getting error when publish 20 records, in Mozilla its a lot more than 50, in IE 8 a lot more than 100.

After i Google it , i've found it as being server factor , something related to Apache.

Am using Jquery , Ajax ,PHP combination.

Page redirect can also be after that submission

Please share Any specifics of this error .

Yes, depents around the browser. For those who have such lengthy url's you've got a design problem anyway.

Found this on the web, bit outdated but provides you with a concept how lengthy an url could be. In case your posting data make use of the Publish method rather than a GET.

Microsoft Ie (Browser)

Microsoft states the maximum period of a URL in Ie is 2,083 figures, with a maximum of 2,048 figures within the path portion from the URL. During my tests, tries to use Web addresses more than this created a obvious error message in Internet Explorer.

Opera (Browser)

After 65,536 figures, the place bar no more shows the URL in Home windows Opera 1.5.x. However, longer Web addresses works. I ended testing after 100,000 figures.

Safari (Browser)

A minimum of 80,000 figures works. I ended testing after 80,000 figures. Opera (Browser)

A minimum of 190,000 figures works. I ended testing after 190,000 figures. Opera 9 for Home windows ongoing to show a completely editable, copyable and pasteable URL within the location bar even at 190,000 figures.

Apache (Server)

My early tries to appraise the maximum URL length in browsers knocked right into a server URL length limit of roughly 4,000 figures, then Apache creates a "413 Entity Too BigInch error. I made use of the current current Apache build found in Red-colored Hat Enterprise Linux 4. The official Apache documentation only mentions an 8,192-byte limit with an individual area inside a request.

The utmost URL length in Ie is 2083 figures: