Inside my office we make use of a LAN (attached to internet through Comcast) and 30-50 people all utilized an internet application (on Heroku) concurrently. The server responded as though it absolutely was hit by 50K people. Shall We Be Held woofing in the wrong tree, or wouldn't it really make a difference if 50 people with an office network hit an application simultaneously versus 50 people spread around the world?

Apologies for this type of vague question, however it only happened in my experience like a possibility.

Thanks ahead of time.

Getting 50 people access your application concurrently may have roughly exactly the same effect, wherever they are available from. There's forget about effort needed for everyone local demands than global demands (or the other way around). In case your application includes a performance problem, then consider yourself lucky that you have uncovered it before activating public access!