I've articles that I wish to publish on my small Joomla! site. Each time I click apply or save. I recieve error 500 - An error has occurred! DB function reports no errors. I've no clue why this error pops up, al I'm able to think is it's a server error.

I am using TinyMCE to type articles along with Joomla! 1.5.11.

Up-to-date: I switched on Maximum error confirming in Joomla! as well as in the content manager I attempted in order to save the content and also got these handful of errors. Book screenshot

alt text

I attempted adding

ini_set('error_reporting', E_ALL);

towards the top of the index.php pages for Joomla! but it doesn't show any errors. I checked the mistake logs around the server as well as no errors show up.

I handled to write the content via phpMyAdmin however another thing happens. I attempt to gain access to to article in the front-end, by hitting the hyperlink towards the article, only an empty page pops up.

This is actually strange, because the error log doesn't show any information. And So I assume the mistake must be originating from Joomla!

This occurs basically give a print_r($_Publish) before if (!$row->check()) { on /administrator/components/com_content/controller.php (around line 693)

    [title] => Test.
    [state] => 0
    [alias] => test
    [frontpage] => 0
    [sectionid] => 10
    [catid] => 44
    [details] => Array
            [created_by] => 62
            [created_by_alias] => 
            [access] => 0
            [created] => 2008-10-25 13:31:21
            [publish_up] => 2008-10-25 13:31:21
            [publish_down] => Never

    [params] => Array
            [show_title] => 
            [link_titles] => 
            [show_intro] => 
            [show_section] => 
            [link_section] => 
            [show_category] => 
            [link_category] => 
            [show_vote] => 
            [show_author] => 1
            [show_create_date] => 0
            [show_modify_date] => 0
            [show_pdf_icon] => 
            [show_print_icon] => 
            [show_email_icon] => 
            [language] => 
            [keyref] => 
            [readmore] => 

    [meta] => Array
            [description] => Test.
            [keywords] => Test
            [robots] => 
            [author] => Test

    [id] => 58
    [cid] => Array
            [0] => 58

    [version] => 30
    [mask] => 0
    [option] => com_content
    [task] => apply
    [ac1e0853fb1b3f41730c0d52de89dab7] => 1

I'd a bounty about this question, the main problem continues to be not resolved? link text

Any assistance will be appreciated!!

This is a connect to the content (text file using the source I acquired from TinyMCE) Article

I just read this other question and saw that you simply can't publish the content becasue it is private. Could it be in "plain british", is there html? Would you provide more information? Joomla has some plug ins that "filter" lots of content. By trying to create "iframe" or "script" tags in Joomla TinyMCE it will likely be strained, this really is Joomla's method of supplying security.

Have you attempt to disable TinyMCE filters? Visit "Wordpress plugin Manager", "Editor - TinyMCE 2." and alter "Code cleanup" choices to test.