I've 2 php-files inside my server. Second's title is secret.php, first the first is index.php.

In index file I've got a form which appears like:

<form action="secret.php" method="post">
   <!-- ... -->
   <input type="submit" value="Go" />

Everything labored before, however when I added a couple of changes into form code (added another input elements, etc) I acquired a mistake: 500.

I looked with FireBug and also got such picture:

POST http://server.com/secret.php 500 Internal Server Error

Publish params are right.

I additionally can't immediate access of this file. Any ideas? I recall once again: it labored well until I have added some code into form.

File permissions are right too.

A [cde] signifies that something went wrong around the server. Usually this is an error that the server cannot get over also it just gives this response automatically.

In case your server keeps logs, take a look at individuals. The reason for the issue is likely likely to be recorded there. Also take a look at the secret.php file, and just how it handles your input as that's likely the main from the cause.

Some information: Automatically the apache log files are stored under 500 error on linux.