I've installed new site in Joomla 1.7 and it is working fine, however when i checked its back-finish (administrator) got 500 Internal Server Error.

Note: Website is working fine in Local server.

Please suggestion me any solution.

Thanks ahead of time.

Look at your error logs and backtrace what's leading to the mistake. It may sound as if you have MySQL errors, make certain all of your components/modules/aren't fooling your site.

Think it is a component?

You are able to login into PHPMyAdmin and disable/enable modules by hand by unpublishing them while using table editor, altering isPublished to 0 .

Might be some files aren't uploded.Check unsuccessful change in your FTP server.Make certain all of the files are uploded online

Try re-installing database using the correct compatibility as well as check web.config file on ftp for correct configuration pathways !

Firstly you have change folder permission to 775 for an additional folders:

cache, logs, tmp &lifier administrator/cache

go to: configuration.php

find code:

$log_path = 'XXXXXXXXXXXXX';
$tmp_path = 'XXXXXXXXXXXXX';

and alter code into:

$log_path = './logs';
$tmp_path = './tmp';

problem solved :)

The issue is inside your configuration.php, you will need to change a couple of lines. I written your solution on my small blog:

500 internal server error at joomla backend