I have been requested to update a client's Joomla! template to possess a new header image, but I'd ideally like a method to result in the change and display it to some client inside a special area, without them compromising their primary website until approved.

Can there be in whatever way to do this without looking at all of their website, setting up it as being a nearby development branch, checking it into another development server, after which moving the modification after approval?

I personally use the word "A/B Development" in the manner that "A/B Testing" can be used -- ultimately forking small changes to various customers, except utilized on a micro scale (unlike normal A/B Testing, in which a small variation is pressed to some wide users list, that some feeling of empirical effectiveness could be examined).


Sure it is possible, however it is dependent how your template is coded. Listed here are two of the most common I'm able to think about -

  1. In case your header image is within a module simply produce a new module using the new image. Then produce a hidden food selection and assign the brand new header to that particular page.

  2. In case your header image is really a background image, then you will have to make use of the page class suffix to really make it work. You will need to make certain that the template adds the page class suffix towards the body tag. Produce a hidden food selection and provide it a distinctive page class suffix. Then its simply dependent on adding the CSS to change the look around the hidden page.

The right software engineering approach would be to automate your build/deployment processes to ensure that it's trivial that you should deploy to multiple conditions. Usually ANT scripts would be the glue while TeamCity or Hudson would be the project-container frameworks accustomed to package your build processes.

This really is a part of an idea known as continuous integration, that leads you lower the road of automated testing and push-button deployments.

Inside your Joomla after sales duplicate web site making the alterations into it. After that you can set your clients user account to make use of the dev-template, or assign it specific menu products which are hidden (so that you can just pass a hyperlink, no account and login needed) or match appropriate permissions.