I am trying to append a link to the text as shown below:


However, it is not linking properly. Do you know what is causing the linking error? Thanks in advance for your help!

Take away the backslashes that precede the double quotes and also the link should work fine.

Read http://tutorialblog.org/use-embedit-to-add-html-code-in-wordpress/ regarding how to add HTML to wordpress.

Quote: "Many times you just have the ability to copy code or write Web coding straight into you. To get this done, you need to simply click on the HTML tab towards the top of the publish after which write or paste the code to your publish and publish it."

Visiting the HTML tab and placing the code there should prevent WordPress from adding extra backslashes. :)

The backslashes ([cde]) before the quotation marks in your anchor tag are the problem; you only need those if you are trying to escape them in a string of a programming language (for example PHP).