Can there be any book or tutorial for hooking up to some database running on the remote server? I've experience just with local databases in C# .Internet 2. (SQLite, Firebird), however I have to put the database on the remote server. What are the variations when in comparison to local databases? Any books you can recommend? To tell the truth I'm not sure things to search for.

EDIT: just replies, I understand you will see very couple of alterations in the bond strings etc. Things I desired to know was such things as the information transfer is a lot reduced, i.e. I am unable to make huge chooses and transfer all rows when i do it, I ought to make separate thread for data connections etc. I'm just speculating here, since all is totally new in my experience. Some "guidelinesInch approximately.

Thanks, Petr

The only real relevant difference may be the title from the server within the connection string :)

Which SQL Server you need to use.

You can search for ADO.Internet. I accept to Lorenzo, there is little be transformed within the Source Code, only your Connection String have to be edited.

Very awesome ConnectionString Info and Generator Page: