I've downloaded a SOLR release, and sun JDK. I've installed SUN now... I'm using wampserver on my small computer, to check SOLR out first, and learn how it operates...

I do not learn how to do the installation and employ it though... I'm brand-new into it and java too, and so i take some help on that one...

After installing it, and unzipping it to some folder, what should i do next?

Also, exactly what is a servlet container?

I've my files (the web site) within this folder: localhost/SV/

The tutorial SOLR provides is not written at length, and i believe thats things i would want.

Should i inflict changes to the files on my small virtual (Wampserver) server?

Tell me if you want more input from me and that i will update this Q...

I see you are using WAMP.. I am dealing with that problem (well using home windows) as you together with thought it was difficult.. And so i produced helpful information once i'd finally figured it. This informative guide is applying apache-tomcat though.

You'll find it here:


Tell me whether it helps.. because it was produced only for us windoze people :)

For development reasons you can easily make use of the incorporated Jetty. Visit the directory where start.jar is situated and run java -jar start.jar, then point your browser to http://localhost:8983/solr. There you will notice an admin console where one can problem queries from the index, but it will likely be initially empty. Begin to see the tutorial for additional particulars.

For production use you will need to make use of a correctly set up and updated container. Start here, you'll find detailed instructions for every container.

Web containers supply the runtime atmosphere to operate web programs on the web server. For additional info on web containers, see:

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