I am a complete newbie within this area and I am type of terrified of heading lower the incorrect path of network programming. I am attempting to develop a strong network library for my game engine.

I have looked on the internet and have experienced there's a network library with boost, I'd like to use that as I am really interested in further integrating it with my codebase. But I am wondering, wouldso would I code and debug this type of factor? Basically simply want to develop on a single PC how do i emulate a network atmosphere having a devoted/peer server and x quantity of gamers attached to it?

Just start many processes on one PC.. You should use networking in your area (127...1). Or you should use Virtual Machines.

You'd need to run the server in your machine and run x copies from the player code.

After that you can either debug the server or among the gamers.

This will not simulate such things as network lag and dropped packets, it will help you to test the interactions and to some extent how the body reacts under load.

You will find tools you will get which will simulate network lag etc., but which will usually be expensive for you (as that one does), but you will see some free options available.

I believe the approach that can bring the nearest to real conditions is to setup virtual machines which connect with your server, which operates on your actual machine.

If you need to simply make sure your game is effectively hooking up, I'd opt for setting up multiple virtual machines and getting all of them in NAT-mode, to ensure that each one of these receives a distinctive IP out of your DHCP server. Should you really have total control over your router, you can even go the additional step of establishing a devoted Insolvency practitioners for every Vmachine's MAC address, to ensure that you are able to log which Ip is providing you with an issue and correlate it that machine. With some effort (plus some Hackintoshing), you can even extend this established to do OS-based testing.