I wish to provide a demo for my clients use virtual machine. however , I'm not going the client to set up the virtual machine software, can one create a demo which bundle the virtual machine software and my virtual machine, then only a click to operate the virtual machine. It will likely be awesome. can there be any tool can perform that?

I am unaware of an online machine that does not have to be installed. If using Home windows, the Microsoft Virtual PC is really a relatively compact, free, quick-to-install choice for a VM.

Another option is to set up an OS as well as your demo onto a USB memory stick. As lengthy because the computer used can boot from USB (that is pretty common in more recent computer systems), you'll be able to have total treatments for the OS in this way.

EDIT: Sun VirtualBox is free of charge VM software. You have to do the installation, but I have discovered that it really works well, plus it's free.

You could attempt using Portable VirtualBox according to this forum thread. I haven't attempted it myself however it appears like many people have experienced luck by using it.