I'm copying TextBox records every 20 seconds. I'm searching for where in order to save the written text. The database that i'm using is SQL Server CE 3.5. Thanks ahead of time.

Associated with the reason why you save that info

1.If you wish to store it for any very long time, use database.

2.Should you remove saved data for brief times, use file or xml.

XML Files approach is:
* Simpler to work with inside your current application.
* don't require you to definitely store data redundantly
* could be utilized via standard XML APIs
* Information is globally understandable and portable
* Slow and memory hungry
* do not let advanced securing, synchronization and concurrency control
* have no support for transactions

Database approach is:
* Relatively complex to make use of inside your current application.
* Data must be retrieved from XML files anyway
* You should use standard SQL with effective querying facilities.
* Data retrieval becomes manifest pretty quickly
* advanced securing, synchronization and concurrency control systems available
* Transactions permit you better control and reliability.

It truly is dependent around the application. If you're just saving these items to become recommended 20 seconds later after which garbaged I'd opt for xml but when you're developing a log of sorts that you will want to reference long-term I'd opt for a database.