I've lately installed Ruby on Rails on my small new Ubuntu machine (very first time for me personally) and that i was dealing with an exhibition on establishing an example blog.

Essentially, i found negligence establishing the mysql database and prefer to make use of a visual MySQL tool to get this done instead of command line.

What's better to use? and just how do o have it?

Thanks all.

sudo apt-get install mysql-admin mysql-query-browser

These two are desktop applications.

I personally use navicat and also the native mysql gui admin and query browser. they run perfectly well under ubuntu, while not indigenous to it.

I am using SQLyog under Wine and delay pills work like no bodies business.

sudo apt-get install wine

wget http://world wide web.webyog.com/downloads/SQLyog-8.6.1-0Trial.exe

wine SQLyog-8.6.1-0Trial.exe

Also bear in mind that in Rails to produce your db you are able to perform a

rake db:create

sudo apt-get install phpmyadmin

Another alternative:


I've found SQuirreL SQL Client very appealing.

PHPMyAdmin is definitively a buddy there.

phpMyAdmin is really a tool designed in PHP intended to handle administration of MySQL over the internet. Presently it may create and drop databases, create/drop/alter tables, remove/edit/add fields, execute any SQL statement, manage secrets on fields, manage rights,export data into various formats and will come in 55 languages. GPL License information.

It's a great web-based tool. To unstall it, simply run the next command:

sudo apt-get install phpmyadmin

You can test rbDB, an alpha launched of Railsrumble 48hr-project (Rails rumble 2008) by Ivan Storck. No necessity of PHP any longer in your production server.

http://world wide web.ivanenviroman.com/ruby-on-rails-mysql-admin/ https://github.com/redox/rbdb

Webyog is a great non-free alternative

You might also need DBDesigner 4.

Thanks all.

I'll try either the phpMyAdmin as i've had connection with utilizing it previously.

I have a little of a method to visit learn how to connect with the three database types that RoR uses but we shall see.


I suggest Navicat.

It definitely is among my primary tools to maintain K-12 education e-learning sites ... I didn't have a warm fuzzy feeling about phpMyAdmin along with other tools within this category never measured as much as Navicat.

also, Support happens to be A1 through the years too.

I believe the very best tool available is HeidiSQL.

It's created for Home windows, but as the saying goes within their site, it really works fine with Wine.