Codd's Algorithm converts a manifestation in tuple relational calculus to Relational Algebra. Let me know:

  1. whether there is a standard implementation from the formula?
  2. whether this formula used anywhere ? (For, the needs only SQL &lifier variants, I am unsure about database advocates in academia)
  3. What is the complexity from the reduction?

Applying Codd's formula ought to be simple (*), but:

transforming a manifestation in a single language for an expression in another language requires one to be aware what that "other language" is. Do you know ?

While using creation of this type of conversion is just sensible when the creation of stated conversion could be incorporated inside a source code, or perhaps in another way passed onto a compiler that knows that specific language. Are you aware of the "standard" algebra-based relational data language ?

Imo, fundamental essentials two most apparent explanations why there's almost not a reason for a commercial implementation.

(*) in case your input is really a parse tree that includes nodes for example <universalquantification>, <existentialquantification>, <restriction>, <cartesian>, ...