an issue which i hope doesn't seem crazy: On the multilingual site, imagine several actual files with contents inside them that are presently obtainable under their file names:

They are all one and also the same php file, the folder infront from it informs the php to fetch what content. This title is short and handy for my file managemens, however the file names are very unsexy for search engines like google. So, do you know the methods to make these flat files getting some exotic names like:

Presently, my php nderstands the folder /en/ or /nl/ preceding the filenames and puts the right language in to the tomato.php file.

It is indeed my dream to possess a per language file title which in turn in some way informs php/apache to really make it work and fetch invisibly beneath the naming engine the right file.

I'm really not prepared for a content management systems framework, I am happy I'm able to manage my flat files myself. What will be a creative way to possess a links management where sothat I'm able to tags my links over the water more exoticly, and keep rapid file names below water personally?

Solutions/ideas/suggestions/code are very welcome and treated as you possibly can solutions and therefore are Much appreciated.

This is present with handle with Apache and mod_rewrite ... you will find various ways to get this done - the most typical strategy is to rewrite all files to index.php


RewriteRule .* index.php [L]

Then inside your index.php check PATH_INFO and compare against your database for that connected real file.

A couple of lessons here: