The like your page at this time, you can observe in the top your username, points and badges... Using something similar to firebug, you can observe the HTML that shows "Randomman159" for instance, but can there be anyway to see the code that really made that be shown within the HTML?

I am talking about javascript or whatever was adopted to procedure that. Essentially you will find some websites that i must understand how they are doing things such as this.

Thank you for any help!

It is dependent how they're implemented. Within this situation, no. Since the title, for instance, could be placed in to the HTML although still on stackoverflow's servers, the only method to observe that code is always to hack in to the site. Not advisable.

If there's javascript inside a web page, then you definitely watch the code directly within the source. But when its designed in JSP or PHP. There's no method for you to watch the code, without getting accessibility webserver.

It is a little of security towards the web pages.