Does anybody are conscious of a drop-in alternative to have an access database, ideally free. An organization Sometimes with from time to time is searching for a alternative database where they'll have to change very little actual SQL as you possibly can. Their application is VB6/COM.

SQL Server Express is the greatest option. It's free of charge. It uses standard SQL, you will need to change the queries which use MS Access functions.

I believe SQLite is definitely worth a mention for these kind of situations.

Once more, now you ask , so poorly phrased that there are not a way to reply to.

May be the word "Access" getting used here to explain a scenario where an MDB can be used for data tables and that is all that should be changed?


Does using the term "Access" imply that there's a complete-fledged Access application used like a front-end to some database?

Whether it's the previous, then it is no Access database, but a Jet database, and also the solutions offered to date are acceptable.

Whether it's the second, then no solutions address the problem of front-finish application-building tools. If that is the question, then you are at a complete loss, because there is not anything even remotely similar to Access on view source world (and for me, likely won't be).

However it could have been useful to possess requested a clearer question, by utilizing terminology properly:

  • ACCESS is definitely an application with which you'll develop a database application front-end.
  • JET may be the database engine that's the default datastore for Access.

When you have only data tables inside your "Access" database, then it is only a Jet database (because you haven't UI objects inside your MDB), and you ought to think of it as a Jet database. While using word "Access" for any data-only MDB (even when you used Use of create it) only will confuse things.

You can try OpenOffice Base.

I attempted it some time when it first arrived on the scene also it appeared awfully slow also it did not appear feature complete either.

But it's free and free :o) provides a free free access database application known as Base. Either that or I'd also suggest SQL Server Express.

I most frequently check this out to mean "a database will be able to install by file-copying, with no software (services, motorists, etc.) must be installed".

Exactly what does an Access database lack that they would like to change it? The choices is going to be bounded through the response to this.