I'm searching at enabling FastCGI to deal with PHP execution on all my domain names. I attempted it yesterday and went into one trouble with my PHP configuration.

I presently possess a php-browscap.ini situated on my small server that's utilized by all my domain names. It's situated inside my companies domain directory so something similar to this:

browscap = /var/www/vhosts/mycompany.com/httpdocs/scripts/php_browscap.ini

To ensure that this to operate I would not usually need to do anything since the apache user would get access to all the web sites.

However, since the consumer should be domain specific, I'm getting permission issues access the browscap. Does any body know a fix will be able to implement into my PHP configuration to permit use of another domain names directory?

I don't want to need to place a browscap file in every domain names directory although I understand this is one fix

Wouldn't it work basically placed the file outdoors from the web directory?

e.g. /company/php-browscap.ini

Where 'company' is really a custom folder during my root directory which consists of scripts for my server. I havent attempted this since it requires a great deal of changes but when Yes, it works i quickly will give it a try.

Should you put the browsecap.ini file inside a directory which has world read permission (e.g. 755 drwxr-xr-x) then FastCGI (or any user) can see the file. Such sites might be /usr/lib/php (if is available) or /usr/share.

Should you chmod the file to 744, then all customers can see it although not remove or modify it, as lengthy as all of the parent sites are world readable too.