I am running an Apache server (v2.2.10) with mod_python, Python 2.5 and Django. I've got a small web application which will show the present projects we've in Resumes and permit customers to create a build from the different projects (the build inspections the project, and copies certain files over and done with the origin removed out).

Around the Django dev server, everything works fine. I can tell their email list of projects in resumes, take a look at, etc. Around the production server (the Apache one) I recieve the next error:

[8009030d] The qualifications provided towards the package weren't recognized

I am attempting to log to the Resumes server using SSPI. Entering exactly the same command right into a spend will execute correctly.

This is actually the code I am using:

def __execute(self, command = ''):
    	command = 'cvs.exe -d :sspi:user:password@cvs-serv.example.com:/Projects ls' 
    	p = subprocess.Popen(command, stdout=subprocess.PIPE, stderr = subprocess.STDOUT, shell=True)
    	return p.communicate()

I have attempted a variety of versions of things, and that i can't appear to have it to operate. At this time In my opinion that Apache may be the reason.

Any help could be appreciated

Use of SSPI cause me to feel think you're using CVSNT, thus a Home windows system what's the user you're running Apache into? Default user for services is SYSTEM, which doesn't share exactly the same registry as the current user.