I must create a simple retractable faq in wordpress. You will find accordion menu plug ins available that provide a lot more features than I want. But I am getting trouble getting items to look right using the Simple Content Reveal wordpress plugin.

I am prepared to try writing my very own jquery code the very first time. I'll need tutorials, or perhaps a connect to same.

I'll require a sleek method of creating the markup for that faq. A good example of an inefficient method of creating the markup:

id="id1" etc.

id="id2" etc.

(obtained from the markup for straightforward Content Reveal)

Quite simply, I wish to have the ability to move from a lot of questions and solutions in notepad towards the markup for that retractable faq without an excessive amount of picky copy fiddling.


Perhaps you have seen the accoridian in the JQuery framework? It's not hard to use and really should provide you with would like you need.