I've guaranteed a folder on my small website using Home windows authentication. I produced a person around the server and gave them use of the folder while getting rid of anonymous access. This works fine, if however the consumer logs in via Ie they have to specify the domain (ie. DOMAINusername).

Can there be anyway not to require domain and merely the username?

Interesting help!

Found an answer, I'd it working earlier however i did not understand it because the URL being displayed wasn't https despite the fact that it had been redirecting to HTTPS (the folder contained pdf files). I

Around the folder within the IIS browser, setup a custom error page for 403.4 and make an HTML file around the cause of your website (redirectSSL.htm) to direct that error to.

Add this script towards the file:



    <script language="JavaScript">

    function redirectHttpToHttps()







Then disable home windows authentication and enable fundamental authentication. Click "edit" in fundamental authentication and specify the default domain.

This will work!