Hey, How does one, in actionscript 3 make a method to create, log-in, sign-out, etc. of user accounts? I am mostly searching for an API i'm able to use and when there's, wouldso would I personally use it?

Alternatively, if there's no method of doing it in AS3 as that's a longshot, how could I actually do it in html using dreamweaver?

FYI: to an internet site.

interesting response, -Custard

Creating user accounts and authenticating options are done in the server side. Actionscript, Javascript, HTML etc are client side languages to define the interface. You produce a signin/register form using expensive/html and publish the consumer-joined data to some server side script (php/asp/jsp or whatever) that handles creating user accounts and/or authenticating them.

Google actionscript login form or html login form for lessons regarding how to design a login form with such technologies - you will find a lot of them available.