I have to activate theme for wordpress blogs that are present remotely. I figured I is going to do it with xmlrpc api of worpress http://core.svn.wordpress.org/trunk/wp-includes/class-wp-xmlrpc-server.php, but wordpress doesn't provide any api approach to activate or switch theme.

Similarly, I should also activate plug ins for that wordpress blogs remotely.

I looked a great deal about this and also got following solution: http://wordpress.stackexchange.com/questions/15534/is-it-possible-to-change-a-blogs-theme-through-xml-rpc-command-and-if-so-how

But this solution does not appear achievable in my experience, because it requests alterations in the code. This really is achievable until I'm initiating my theme in your area, however in my situation I'm able to have a variety of blogs present remotely. And So I eliminated this.

Does anybody discovered this type of situation, if so, how have you have the ability to tackle the problem ?

You will have to implement your personal XMLRPC techniques to do the theme switch, through either a wordpress plugin.

One particular wordpress plugin that stretches the Wordpress XMLRPC API is WP-Multisite-XML-RPC. I'd suggest reading through it, and adding your personal techniques to alter styles. I can not hand out the code I authored to get it done on our bodies, but it is fairly easy.

Furthermore, there's another Wordpress Wordpress plugin, Extended-XML-RPC-API that's supposed to help you to call just about any built-in Wordpress function via xmlrpc. I'd suggest passing on a glance too.

So, essentially, you can't get it done using the built-in API, but it is simple enough to increase the API to complete what you would like, as lengthy as possible install plug ins in your server.