I have been considering various ORM frameworks recently (mostly .internet) and find out the Active Record design pattern is generally accustomed to persist data.

I simply wondered what everyone's undertake the active record pattern is? I'm it puts an excessive amount of responsibility around the data object, whether it is only a data container or perhaps an entity bean. I've always contacted persisting objects from the central controller that exposes a technique for example Persist() that can take within an interface say IEntityBean instead of letting the bean sort it's persistence out. This is the approach I require population I recieve a dataset and generically populate the bean instead of letting the bean eat the dataset and populate itself. I simply can't stand beans getting logic. Is an traditional approach or do other share my fears?

How can ORM frameworks that do not make use of the active record pattern mapping tables to object and resist tables? Is really a central controller that controls persisting a poor approach?

Interesting opinions ahead of time!