Does anybody are conscious of any reverse proxy solutions that permit this contentOrinformation of the HTTP reaction to be directly modified prior to being relayed towards the asking for client?

For example:

Proxy relays client request pdf document to a different server, response received by proxy, watermark put into pages of pdf, watermarked pdf is came back to client.

Regards, Mike

Apache has [cde] and [cde], which is often used to rewrite links, headers, etc. I have only seen HTML or XML filters, however, you should have the ability to write your personal binary one for the PDF needs. The potential difficulty I saw is the fact that Apache goodies web pages like a stream, as opposed to a file. I am unsure how you can watermark a PDF doc, but when you'll need accessibility entire file to get it done, it could get complicated rapidly.

Observe that it might appear far simpler in my experience to complete the watermarking around the server, where you can get the file, as opposed to a proxy. If server load is an issue, whether batch process, or perhaps a separate server happens to be an alternative solution.

I have had success with Pound.

I believe I would go lower the Squid/ICAP route.

To a company level system, does anybody have knowledge about either of those within this context?

I discovered an account of Deliverance over around the python tags, also it might be helpful for which you are searching for. I've no training by using it myself, so touch of suspicion and all sorts of that.