I have been requested to develop an agenda (and implement) a method to personalize ad campaigns with an individual publish basis. Some background info: Our website under consideration runs from Wordpress MU 2.7, as well as in our theme files we include calls to the ad server to show advertisements etc. This really is handled with this own custom ad wordpress plugin, therefore we can certainly extend its functionality.

The consumer experience must be the user should have the ability to choose from a listing of exterior affiliate marketers (ideally within the publish edit screen) that determines the ad funnel that's shown on that publish. The affiliate secrets and values originate from another source, however the important factor would be to save the affiliate id using the publish information therefore we can pull it and display the specific ad on theme files.

Now, I know regarding how to do that also it involves saving the affiliate id like a custom area for your publish, then tugging it according to in the event that custom area continues to be set or otherwise. Would there be another solution which may become more elegant?

Would anybody have the ability to share an identical experience as well as solution for ad focusing on on specific posts, groups, tags etc. while using Wordpress framework?

Thanks, Acorn

Generate an income would do it might be according to groups and tags while you pointed out for that particular publish.