I produced a wordpress plugin for joomla. I've 2 files with names finarchivo.xlm and finarchivo.php. I wish to add css file. How? That code is required?

You need to have the ability to produce a folder within the wordpress plugin folder using the title of the wordpress plugin. Within that folder you can produce a 'style.css' sheet or something like that that you simply reference from inside your wordpress plugin. Only use by using your elements utilized in your wordpress plugin..

A fast glance into my plug ins content folder on the local development site and that i could nab this from the wordpress plugin that loads it's own css sheet, they implemented it like so:

$doc->addStyleSheet(JURI::base() . "plugins/content/componentname/style.css");

To ensure that component grabs it's css from that style.css sheet and every one of the sun and rain produced with that wordpress plugin make use of the appropriate classes/id's.

And So I guess you could do this such like - produce a folder known as 'finarchivo' within the folder, then produce a css sheet known as 'style.css' within that folder.

Inside your finarchivo.php sheet you would load that CSS sheet utilizing a method much like things i authored above:

$doc->addStyleSheet(JURI::base() . "plugins/content/finarchivo/style.css");