Can there be in whatever way to include a SQL Server Database Diagram to source control? I can not appear to find away out to script it from the database. If that's the case, it is possible to method of getting that diagram right into a Visual Studio Database Work for easy deployment?

I'm not sure what the benefit of storing the diagram in source control could be. The database diagrams put sign for your database associations that ought to be defined elsewhere. As long as you place the creation scripts for the DB in source safe, the diagram should render all right whenever you create it and add your tables into it.

to script it to some file try:

I wouldn't do that.

There is not really a good way to do this. I typically do among a couple of things with this.

  1. Simply print the document to PDF using something similar to CutePDF
  2. Use Visio and also the Reverse Engineering choice to create the document, then save the visio file
  3. Use Enterprise Architect or similar tool for that process.

I take advantage of option 3, because of the lifecycle which i take my programs through. However the real factor is exactly what are you currently searching to keep, if it's a static version from the database diagram, any of these are valid.