I must add a picture to every article however i don't want the look to participate the content contents. I wish it to be considered a separate area like 'author' or 'created'. In my opinion this could permit the image to become utilized individually by templates.

After a little of research it appears like I will need to make use of an extension to get this done.

Does anybody are conscious of an answer that doesn't involve extra time?

If the extension is essential, what are the that handle pictures very well?

I personally use K2 in virtually even install we all do. It's built-in support for images as if you are explaining along with the capability to define custom fields to match any need you would like. If you're acquainted with Drupal's CCK, it's in line with the same idea and works virtually exactly the same way. It is a complete alternative for Joomla's Section/Category/Article model.

k2 is great, however it adds a great deal of other things (mostly helpful I might add)

I had been very disappointed to understand that joomla 1.6 does not have marking still the industry a significant large offer web2 world. k2 for instance comes with this but is not yet readily available for joomla 1.6.