I wish to know, how do i upload javascript's files within the Joomla's platform (version 1.5.14)? Because after i attempt to upload .js files (Site -> Media Manager -> FolderName), Joomla's platform show me next below message:

"This file type isn't supported.".

Is necesary to set up a wordpress plugin within the Joomla's platform to upload .js file, or upload in special path within the Joomla's platform?.

NOTE: I'd rather not range from the .js file within the mind tag from the html file, because I'll include a lot more than 10 .js files, that why, I have to create a references of those javascript files.(I have to upload a lot more than 10 javascript file. (Jquery)).

Next! the references of javascript files does not change after i use in my html file for doing things (if can be done)?. The best way to me is similar than conventional?

I'd rather not use javascripts in "articles" either "category" only within the primary page.

You possess an empty javascript file inside your database (sometimes web site builder has added script or removed this) that you could fill with script, or give a js file then still attach within the header for doing things.

You need to access outdoors of the administration access and go straight to the files inside your template folder for that template you're using. You will find workarounds to complete a number of this from yoursite.com/administrator but you're restricted to web site you're using and also the functions they provide.