I'm attempting to then add jQuery to some Wordpress site to ensure that whenever a user chooses a particular option (Software) within the top dropdown menu, another seems under it.

I'm while using following code -

<p id="parent-menu">
    <select name='cat' id='cat' class='dropdown'  tabindex="40">
        <option value='-1'>Select a Category</option>
        <option class="level-0" value="13">Software problem</option>
        <option class="level-0" value="14">Hardware problem</option>
        <option class="level-0" value="15">Suggestion</option>
        <option class="level-0" value="16">General query</option>
<p id="toggle-menu">
    <select name='cat' id='cat' class='dropdown'  tabindex="50">
        <option value='-1'>Select a Program</option>
        <option class="level-0" value="6">BigHand</option>
        <option class="level-0" value="7">IRIS</option>
        <option class="level-0" value="8">MS Outlook</option>
        <option class="level-0" value="9">MS Word</option>
        <option class="level-0" value="10">MS Excel</option>
        <option class="level-0" value="11">Oyez</option>
        <option class="level-0" value="12">Internet Explorer</option>

Id be greatful if a person may help me to get this done.


If you are using jQuery UI you will probably find Eric Hynds wordpress plugin helpful: http://www.erichynds.com/jquery/jquery-ui-multiselect-widget/

I'm not exactly sure how wordpress handles JQuery but when I had been penning this in PHP it might be something similar to. I'd change taxonomy to id or value. And also the query would walk inside my button click. You should improve your id for every click instance.


ok. The like your brand-new info. Since there's a particular id I'm able to use. You will have to include something to check on your code page when ever the choice 13 is chosen. When that choice is selected you'd need something similar to this.




The idea is when you've this course of action or event according to choice of option using toggle() can have or hide toggle-menu with respect to the selection, ie i decided it once it'll appear, i deselect or choose it again menu vanishes. Using show() can make the toggle-menu appear although not hide it if deselected, by which situation you would like to make use of a hide() in most other event choices to cover the toggle-menu

Presuming toggle menu does not care that which was selected within the first menu, what you would like is


  var selections = $('#parent-menu').val() + ' ' + $('#toggle-menu').val();