So here's the one thing. Suppose I've my domain known as BUSINESS.COM that sells footwear. Now, I would like individuals to find me through Google by searching "best footwear". The like my company.Org site I'll set all meta explanations and game titles to possess a relationship using the keyword "best footwear".

I'm wondering, can there be in whatever way I'm able to buy even the domain BEST-Footwear.COM making it an add-on domain to my hosting and redirect it to NIKE.COM to enhance Search engine optimization? I am talking about then when someone searches in the search engines for the best footwear, my website can look first since it has individuals key phrases around the url.

Or the only method to improve Search engine optimization would be to make another website without any duplicate content in BEST-Footwear.COM that links very gently to my website NIKE.COM? Just like a site that reviews footwear.

User, key phrases (more to the point, keywords and phrases) inside your URL are certainly a positive thing to possess. However I think you are putting a significant amount of stock into meta data. I am talking about, it is good to possess your meta data in position, but for me, that isn't the main element in seo.

Multiple Domains: Getting multiple domains pointing towards the same site is a very common mistake that new website owners make, thinking that it'll result in better ratings when quite contrary holds true. Although this practice does not trigger a real penalty, the search engines' techniques for blocking out duplicate content can harm your ratings.

It is all about duplicate content: You want to do your very best to avoid exactly the same content from being offered through several URL in your website or anybody else's. When Google finds duplicate pages, it attempts to choose the "best" or "canonical" version and devalues all the copies. But you do not get to select which copy they choose as well as. This issue crops up when ppl have shopping buggies on their own sites.

Furthermore important?

If you are really thinking about optimizing your site for SE reasons, the primary factor I'd stress, without hesitation, gets QUALITY, RELEVANT back links. Kinds in sites, try not to list in "link farms" or "domain farms", as SEs have caught onto that. Find companies highly relevant to yours, sites highly relevant to yours, and respected sites like and obtain listed. It's lots of work, however it takes care of ultimately, in order lengthy as you've my way through place and you are doing things the proper way (see my link in the finish).

So in addition important, getting a meta keyphrase as "nice whitened running sneakers"? Or getting a back-link from Nike's website pointing aimed at your website. That's hyperbole, however, you understand. Find sites having a high google page ranking (i.e., when i pointed out), and obtain indexed by their sites. Get indexed by Google's directory, and quality sites. Link-exchange with companies highly relevant to your industry. You will find link-exchange tools available just look on the internet. Or, simply do it the traditional way. Speak to a company inside a relevant industry, and request their IT guy or website owner if he/she'll exchange links. Back links would be the key.

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