Ok, well ive been searching through this website to have an answer and being a newcomer to any or all this am battling to evolve the different good examples proven, so was wishing if a person could answer particularly regards my website :

So, i've got a primary website world wide web.site.co.united kingdom and something of my add-on domain names is addon.co.united kingdom. Site comes with an htaccess along with addon. The folder which in the root could be world wide web.site.co.united kingdom/addon.co.united kingdom/.htaccess ..i believe!

Anyway presently i'm able to do redirects within addon htaccess file fine, nevertheless its a database driven site and im attempting to create pretty web addresses for this, so :

http://world wide web.addon.co.united kingdom/addonsites/some.php?id=page

would become :

http://world wide web.addon.co.united kingdom/id/page/

The mod i've within the addon htaccess file may be the following :

RewriteEngine On

RewriteRule ^id/([^/]*)/$ /addonsites/some.php?id=$1 [L]

But it has no effect, any ideas regarding where i've gone wrong would actually be appreciated, appear to possess spent a time attempting to decipher it, without any luck!

Well, the mod_rewrite module will work translations on demands to the server, then when anybody demands the resource situated at http://world wide web.addon.co.united kingdom/id/page/ the server knows that http://world wide web.addon.co.united kingdom/addonsites/some.php?id=page is the site to visit.

However, mod_rewrite does by no means modify your existing links. I.e., you should rewrite the HTML (or scripts producing the HTML) to complement the "new" method of connecting. E.g., for those who have <a href="/addonsites/some.php?id=page">...</a> somewhere in your site, you have to make certain it's transformed to <a href="/id/page/">...</a>.

mod_rewrite handles incoming demands it doesn't modify your output (HTML).