I am writing my first Wordpress wordpress plugin and want to include a webpage that does processing of the form. I've got a shortcode that contributes an application to the page. That form must publish to some URL where I'm able to process the information (save to DB and send email).

I initially added a procedure.perl file during my wordpress plugin directory and published to that particular, which works to obtain the published data, however i don't have any use of any wordpress features (which I have to access the database table I produced).

Ideally I must possess a url like /wordpress plugin-title/process will be able to use. I am presuming there needs to be a method to obtain that direct to some function during my primary wordpress plugin code file, however i can't appear to locate how to achieve that.

I am a complete noob with Wordpress (mainly b .Internet developer, however with PHP experience), so any help could be appreciated.

Couple of situations are not obvious, but according to my understanding I'm able to suggest below solution :

use wordpress 'init' action to trap published data, for instance

add_action('init', 'ur_form_process_fun');

function ur_form_process_fun(){
 if(isset($_POST['unique_hidden_field'])) {
   // process form data here

In above code ur_form_process_fun() function trigger at initializing stage of wordpress, as well as your form's action ought to be default site url action="<?php site_url()?>", to ensure that, posted data is going to be published to base link to site also it can be accessible to init action.

unique_hidden_field could be unique hidden input area of the form, case to verify that information is originating from your form. Hope this might solve your condition. :)