I am beginning to build up a brand new HTML website to go somewhere with using Dreamweaver. I am also intends to integrate Wordpress to handle content from the website.

My questions are,

  1. How can i found lessons to integrate Wordpress to my HTML website on localhost (for testing reasons)?
  2. Can one add new webpages using wordpress?
  3. If i wish to migrate from HTML to ASP.Internet etc., could it be possible?
  1. Wordpress uses HTML. All of the markup WordPress creates is HTML.
  2. Yes. It is simple as choosing new page.
  3. They won't be the same factor. Using .internet means you'll use HTML for that markup. .internet is simply a framework you utilize.

If you wish to develop websites and also have a greater knowledge of the markup and code, make use of the code look at Dreamweaver.

To operate WordPress in your area, you will need to use a local server atmosphere (e.g. XAMPP, MAMP, WAMP), and after that you are able to virtually install exactly like you would on the normal server. Here is a good guide to installing WordPress locally.