(This publish continues to be posted around the Yootheme forums however i do not have just as much confidence inside a solution so I decided to publish it here too.)

I am while using Nano theme from Yoothemes and it is working ideal for 90% of my website. http://dofekit.org However I have just installed the bbPress forum wordpress plugin (this is not on the live site, but a nearby version) and that i have produced 2 'forums'. The forum index page and all sorts of sub-pages appear to become placed right into a standard Nano page template. This isn't appropriate for that forum because it includes the page meta information as well as I see not a way of turning off 'sidebar-a' for that forums as my screenshot demonstrates.


It is possible to method of developing a separate template for that forum publish type inside the yoothemes framework? ( I understand its type of proprietary however i can but request)



I am area of the way there. I have manged to create separate templates for my forum publish types like so, however i still want to get the custom publish types to become acknowledged within the widget configurations.

I have added the custom publish types in warp/systems/wordpress3./designs/content.php

if (is_home())  elseif (is_page())  elseif (is_attachment())  elseif ((is_single()) &lifier&lifier (get_publish_type() == 'forum')) elseif ((is_single()) &lifier&lifier (get_publish_type() == 'topic'))  elseif (is_single())  elseif (is_search()) elseif ((is_archive()) &lifier&lifier (get_publish_type() == 'forum'))  elseif (is_archive() &lifier&lifier is_author())  elseif (is_archive())  elseif (is_404()) 

I have also added these custom publish types into warp/systems/wordpress3./config/designs/fields/profile.php in order to have them to look within the dropdown lists on each widget. (I wish to have the ability to toggle icons on these new custom templates.)

$defaults = array(

    'home'    => 'Home',

    'archive' => 'Archive',

    'search'  => 'Search',

    'single'  => 'Single',

    'page'    => 'Pages',

    'forum-archive' => 'Forum List',

    'forum-single' => 'Forum Single',

    'topic-single' => 'Topic Single'


Can anybody help? I believe I am almost there with this particular.

You need to have the ability to handle this utilizing a WordPress Template for the custom publish type for single publish display.

For instance in case your custom publish type is known as "product" produce a template known as single-product.php e.g. single-publish_type.php

This solution should work regardless of Yoothemes framework, Tell me in the event that works!