I am learning about hosts &lifier apache a bit. One thing I am attempting to do myself would be to give a line to /etc/hosts to ensure that way I'm able to access localhost within the browser

Presently, hosts consists of this:   localhost broadcasthost
::1             localhost
fe80::1%lo0 localhost

Questions: 1. Exactly what does the ::1, and fe80::1%lo8 mean? 2. Could they be necessary to the being able to access of 127...1 via typing 'localhost' inside your browser? 3. An amount I actually do to produce one more connect to 127...1 typing another thing within the browser, like "local", to ensure that way both "localhost" and "local" work?

The ::1 and fe80 connect with IPv6 references to localhost.

To additional aliases like local, just chain them along inside a space-separated list: localhost local mylocalmachine someothername

Kristian, I am unsure what individuals symbols mean (::1 for instance), but creating host file records is as simple as typing an Ip and so the listing of domain names to complement.

For instance: local localhost

will match both 'local' and 'localhost' to 127...1. You might have also done the next: local localhost

One entry per line - make use of a '#' at the outset of each line if you wish to comment that line out.