I've 2 separate Activities with some information. These information are saved within the database. Now I would like one new Activity if user click add button.It will add both final information of both Activities also it should display in single TextView.

Any tips on how to build a storage shed?

I've 3 calculation fields in every activity I've total summary=200, total material=100,total cost=200. Same as with second activity also I've same fields with various information.

All individuals values are saved in database now I've new activity with button whenever we click that button it will add the two information and ans should display in single textview.

I am unsure about 'add button' location. Recommending it's both in activities You've pointed out.

  1. For those who have provider connected to the database (the right Android way per my understanding): I recommend to make use of AsyncQueryHandler in add button OnClickListener to produce query to acquire data from database. In callback of AsyncQueryHandler do calculation and pass them as extra supplies (using Intent.putExtra()) to produce intent for brand new activity

  2. For those who have no provider attached: I recommend to produce Thread in add button OnClickListener. For the reason that Thread do query and launch new activity by passing calculated data via intent extra.