How do i add an exterior server in Aptana Studio 3, since there's no Servers view?

Here are some instructions regarding how to get it done however they both use Home windows > Show view > Servers that is no more obtainable in Aptana 3. Using the console can be done? How?

I've got a wamp server installed and that i can run properly php files saved within the htdocs folder. Now I wish to run individuals php files from Aptana however i was getting blank pages.

In Project > Run Designs I observed the "Use selected server" option but no possibilty to include a server there, and so i used "Use base URL" along with "Append project title" and today I'm able to run php files from Aptana however i am still wondering if it's the best choice and just how I possibly could tell Aptana to make use of the wamp server.

adding a server in Aptana Studio 3

In Aptana Studio 3 you have to open Preferences, Aptana/ Web Servers node and add the local apache server there. Should you set the document root properly, your apache server is going to be employed for previewing in Studio (See Preview button on plugin).

Cheers, Max