I've an set up I have to reference inside a website project in Visual Studio 2005. I've within the solution a folder known as Devices by which all third-party devices reside. I'm able to right click on the website project within the Solution Explorer and choose "Add Reference..." and visit the devices folder to find the set up. After I do this the project develops correctly.

Then i visit commit the modification towards the subversion repository also it claims you will find no changes.

Naturally, basically obtain a copy from the source tree on another machine it will not build since it is not referencing the set up.

What am I missing? Personally i think it ought to be apparent, however it is not.

It appears such as the problem is related a "curiosity" of website projects. Whenever you reference exterior devices b .Renew file is produced for every recommended set up. If these .REFRESH files aren't being versioned within the source control system when the answer is drawn onto another machine it can't discover the devices. After I added the .REFRESH files towards the source control the answer transfers between machines correctly.

This web site publish gives a lot of what's going on: http://monsur.xanga.com/437206798/dllrefresh-and-aspnet/

Should you close the project, will it warn you of unsaved changes?

References inside a website project are saved within the web.config in system.web/compilation/devices, to help you always add them by hand.

This is not designed to seem just like a silly answer: perhaps you have hit "Save All"? I have were built with a couple of cases when Visual Studio has not saved everything even if I'd have expected it to.

Closing Versus lower completely is a great indication it's not holding onto anything in memory :)

Actually, this is a good test - should you close Versus after which reopen it, then rebuild on your own, will it still build?