Things I am attempting to achieve would be to have Apache's mod_proxy_balancer see if a request had been made utilizing a Memcache store.

Movies online request is available in.
See if movies online was already offered with Memcache.
If that's the case, can that movies online server handle another request.
If that's the case send request to stated movies online server.
Otherwise send request to another movies online server in line.
Store key:value pair in Memcache.

My questions are:
Does mod_proxy_balancer already do that in some manner?
Can there be anyway to create Apache a content-aware load balancer?
Every other suggestions could be greatly appreciated too, other software, other approach, etc.


Searching at 'mod_proxy_balancer.c' you could, as recommended within the comments within the file, add more lbmethods. Something like "bymemcached_t" or "bymemcached_r" in which the t and r being denote the "bytraffic" and "byrequests" techniques correspondingly. We'd do our pseudo code above and when not found go to another techniques and save the increase the risk for memcached store.

During my research I discovered HAProxy which does precisely what I would like from the documentation while using balance formula use of 'uri' simply not using Memcached. That is acceptable for my reasons.