I've got a publish type that allows people add a celebration, such as the usual date, time, location fields which are added via custom meta boxes into one more table

However, I've written a script that pulls in facebook event information in the event url, using the aim of inhabiting the wordpress publish editor fields with this particular information.

However , this can be a form, and can't be added in like a meta box, because it would produce a form inside a form. What exactly can there be will be able to use rather than developing a new meta box that will permit me to include this type towards the publish editor with this publish type, ideally over the title?

Could it be crucial this form you are creating be it's own form? If you are tugging in information from facebook, I am presuming you need to save it somewhere inside your DB once the publish is saved, so why wouldn't you only use the accessible publish form, and save that data on publish save?

Should you absolutely need to have it's another form, you could attempt connecting in somewhere outdoors from the form (I can not think about a hook you could utilize off the top my mind, but when you really need it, I possibly could look), after which position with JS if required.