Inside my website that i'm transforming over right into a WordPress Content management systems theme, you will find 7 menu options which go to individual html pages.

My real question is, what's the easiest method to get these 7 html pages into my WordPress Content management systems theme, i.e. it is possible to after sales means or will i directly add these individual pages because the WordPress Admin?

I have presently experienced my menu options setup the following:

<li><a href="index.html" class="topm currentMenu nosub">Home</a></li>
<li><a href="about-us.html" class="topm nosub">About Us</a></li>

Also, how do you link my menu to my pages too in WordPress?


"...have a about-us.html page source, that I've produced in Dreamweaver, get into Wordpress-Admin, Pages, Add New Page and drop the web coding in to the html tab within the tags..."

You can do this. But don't make use of the <code></code> tags (or even the page displays your "raw" html.)

It will go something similar to this:

  • Produce a new page, title "About".
  • Copy the origin code that's within the <body></body> tag of the original "about.html" in to the html editor (make certain you're in "html" mode -- not "Visual".)

(NOTE: <script> tags (plus some other tags) is going to be removed by Wordpress whenever you submit the page.)

  • Your "menu options" (I suppose here's your navigation?) can't indicate "about.html" with this to operate like a dynamic, Wordpress-controlled page. Your brand-new "About" page will probably come in the navigation, anyway.

Clarify your question. Would you like to have the ability to edit individuals html pages in WordPress admin? You cannot. Pages need to be area of the Wordpress after sales and live in the database to become editable within the editor.

Should you simply want individuals pages to become linked within the menus from the Wordpress pages, they ought to be hardcoded within the header.php (or any other page templates) as links, as static html pages can not be known as by wordpress_list_pages or any other Wordpress php functions.