Does anybody understand how to add recognized filetypes for any non-home windows web-hosting server (particularly at GoDaddy). I understand of all home windows servers you can include a web.config file at the bottom and everything is able to go. However this doesn't appear to operate on non-home windows based servers (Linux).

The main reason I have to do that is automatically no GoDaddy servers appear to aid Theora file formats (ogv, oga, etc). I'm focusing on an HTML5 video player and Opera is most effective with Theora format or webm. And So I simply need to obtain the server to identify the file type and so i stop obtaining the gray x (or like me beginning to refer to it as : FGXOD [Opera Gray 'X' of Dying]) in which the video ought to be.

I am sure there's an easy solution that i'm just not aware of at this time around.

attempt to locate filename: mime.types

application/x-shockwave-expensive swf