I have been reading through the wordpress codex also it appears when I wish to then add text right before the footer turns up I ought to use code such as this during my functions.php

add_action('wp_footer', 'your_function');

function your_function() {
  $content = '<p>This is inserted at the bottom</p>';
  echo $content;

It is indeed my knowning that the $content should appear right before the footer, but it doesn't appear whatsoever. Can there be a different way to appear my code right before the footer ?

I'm with Wordpress 2.8 but this will not matter

Your code applies. Just make certain your theme really fires the "wordpress_footer" action: somewhere in footer.php most likely there has to be either do_action('wp_footer') or wordpress_footer()

If you wish to add something before the footer (not in the center of it), use

add_action('get_footer', 'your_function');

That hook runs once the theme file calls the get_footer() function.

The code you provided should work.

Are you currently sure that you added it within the triggered theme? As well as in functions.php within the cause of that theme? You need to discover the theme folders in <root>/wp-content/

Your alternative would be to add this content into the "footer.php" of the theme. With respect to the kind of content this might be the greater and much easier option.